Purchasing skills of plastic lockers

Purchasing skills of plastic lockers
Whether it is a plastic cabinet or other material lockers, the following five purchasing skills are common.
1、 Look at the design
Good lockers are usually combined by different sub cabinets, which can be customized according to the actual situation of customers. The drawers and shelves can be increased or decreased freely. However, we should remind everyone that when preparing to order into the wall cabinet, we must first set the specific location in the home, and then measure the size.
2、 Look at hardware
Whether the slide is smooth or not and whether it can push and pull freely is the key to the selection. Carefully experience the sliding effect. A good sliding door has no sound when sliding, which means that the friction force between the bottom wheel and the track is very small, and its wear is less and its service life is longer. Secondly, pay attention to the metal material of sliding door. Generally, the quality of aluminum titanium alloy is better.
3、 After sale
Good service is part of the product value. Many small factory products are very cheap, but the warranty period is very short or there is no warranty. Once there is a problem, it is difficult to get a reasonable solution, so consumers must ask the product warranty and other issues clearly when ordering.
4、 Look at the craft
On the appearance, it is necessary to check whether the edge banding of cabinet door and cabinet body is neat and smooth. The cabinet with machine edge sealing has smooth appearance and smooth handle, which will not open glue, blister and deform for a long time.
5、 Look at the board
The board is the main component material of the storage cabinet, its quality directly determines the product quality. The most commonly used boards on the market are fiberboard (density board), particleboard and plywood. The high-end storage cabinet mainly uses melamine pressed MDF, which has the advantages of moisture-proof, good internal bonding, acid and alkali resistance, and good fire resistance.