Purple decoration match

Purple decoration 1. This kind of purple is applied to the decoration of the background wall in a large area, and is set off in other small details. This color design not only does not make the room too dark, but also has an elegant effect.

2. Purple has a mysterious aristocratic atmosphere. It is a noble color. Using it as the main color of the home can bring out an elegant but never rigid atmosphere, and it has a high grade.

3. Use purple wallpaper to spread the post on a large area, and only leave the corresponding white part behind the cabinet-type air conditioner, and then use silver metal strips to paste on the wallpaper horizontally, which can ensure the integrity of the overall tone without being rigid, and the silver It is also a very high-end color and looks very tasteful overall.

Purple decoration psychology function

Purple decoration Purple: It has inhibitory effect on the motor nervous system, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the potassium balance in the body, and make people feel safe. Purple is a symbol of mystery, purple is a representative of nobility, and purple also contains sadness, courage and courage. But what is printed in my heart is not a color, but the pair with the same mysterious and noble, and deepening. Deeply loving, purple eyes.