Quality standards for modular furniture

Quality standards for modular furniture
According to the characteristics of panel furniture, it is designed and made into a variety of furniture with small footprint, multiple functions, simple and novel shapes, and multiple functions. For example, a modern combination cabinet, covering an area of ​​less than 6 square meters, has the functions of a large cabinet, a chest of drawers, a pantry, a bookcase, and a writing desk. effect.
Quality standards for modular furniture
1) Whether the appearance color is consistent, whether there is color leakage and uneven coloring;
2) Whether the paint has bubbles, pitting, unevenness, too thick or too thin (not full), and the gloss effect is good;
3) Is the pattern symmetry of the material good;
4) Whether the materials used are optimized, whether the materials are good, whether the materials are consistent, whether there is a mix of wood grains, whether the plywood or plywood is glued, cracked, whether there are inferior marks and messy splicing phenomenon;
5) Whether the technology is advanced, such as whether the wood has been heat-treated, the degree of moisture evaporation, the degree of future deformation, etc.;
6) Whether the production is excellent, whether there are cracks or cracks, and the finish is good, especially whether the joints (glued or nailed) are firm, whether the gate is flat, and whether the gaps are beautiful or consistent;
7) Whether it is easy to use, including whether the sliding door drawers are flexible, light and durable;
8) Whether the metal parts are rusty, whether the electroplated parts are peeling, and whether there are scratches;
9) Whether the mirror and glass have bubbles, whether the gloss is consistent, whether the portrait is clear and regular;
10) Whether the putty is filled with leaks or cracks, and whether the color is consistent with the overall furniture;
11) Whether the shape is beautiful and applicable.