Raised bedroom

The so-called high rise is a new name in the real estate industry. It specifically refers to a higher-height apartment type that is different from the commonly known flat-story house space. Generally, the total floor height of this type of residence is between 3.8 to 4.9 meters.

The high-rise bedroom is an extension and expansion of space, and it is also a place where people relax and their mental state can be emptied. People use the extension of vision to calm their anxiety. In today’s era of money, the elevated space is even more of people’s spiritual yearning.
One third of a person’s life is spent in the bedroom. The design of a tall bedroom should focus on practicality, followed by beauty. Design a unique high-rise bedroom to make up for the vacancy of the soul, wander in this space of your own, forget all your worries and thoughts, and enjoy the simplest happiness together, and your dreams will become colorful!

High ceiling bedroom style

The style of high ceiling bedroom is roughly divided into: simple European style, American style and retro style. The high-rise bedroom gives people a sense of atmosphere. The bedroom decorated in simple European style will be more atmospheric and elegant, European style is modern and modern, and it looks comfortable and warm; American-style high-rise bedroom pays attention to details to make the space more abundant And there is a sense of hierarchy; the retro atmosphere of the classic style can adjust the atmosphere of the raised bedroom to be more calm and full of momentum.