Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture
Rattan furniture is made of natural rattan from Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the equator, is a typical tropical rainforest climate, sunshine and rain are abundant throughout the year, every corner of the island is volcanic ash left after the eruption, very fertile.
Appreciation of rattan furniture
1. Large volume rattan furniture is usually used outdoors, such a rattan sofa placed in the garden villa balcony or private garden is absolutely very atmospheric and beautiful. The high back provides a safe protection for children and their families to rest, talk and enjoy their happy time.
2. Oval shape design, send out a lovely factor, this rattan sofa more in line with the rural style of decoration, whether placed in the living room or balcony, with its comfort and intimacy with the surrounding environment natural integration. In summer, nothing is more than reading books and enjoying the scenery around the city.
3. This kind of rattan sofa furniture is exquisite and delicate. The whole back of the sofa is woven with rattan. It is refreshing and breathable, giving a sense of penetration to the vision. Gray and black tone shows low-key elegance, for those who pursue taste and texture of life, choosing such rattan furniture is absolutely icing on the cake for life.
4. The simple bar seat is also made of rattan weaving. This exquisite weaving forms a crisscross texture, which is very beautiful and also reveals a fresh pastoral flavor. Such a set of rattan bar chair and rattan tea table in the corner of this living room, casual and casual, you can start an interesting conversation.
5. Circular rattan furniture, lovely and exquisite chic. This kind of rattan single sofa model is very novel and special, which is rare, and also reflects the designer’s intention. The back of rattan furniture is set low to form a certain arc, which reflects the care of ergonomics. It must be relaxed and comfortable to rest on it.