Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture
Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in the world. A long time ago, people used rattan to make all kinds of furniture, such as table, chair, bed and storage cabinet. The method is to cut cane into thin and flat cane and weave it into various patterns for chair back, cabinet door or rattan basket. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, refreshing hand feeling, comfortable and unique, in line with ergonomics.
Rattan art furniture cleaning
1. Cleaning methods
Because there are many places where dust is hidden on the surface of rattan furniture, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it or use a soft brush to brush the floating dust from the inside to the outside, then wipe it with a wet cloth, and finally wipe it with a soft cloth.
After using Rattan Ware for a period of time, you can wipe the rattan furniture with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also maintain its flexibility for a long time, and has certain anti brittle and anti insect effects.
The original color rattan furniture renovation treatment method: first clean and dry, and then use sandpaper to polish the rattan furniture outside the rattan furniture, so that the skin to remove stains and restore smooth, and then a layer of varnish protection, that is a new look.
2. Tips for decontamination
(1) Wax decontamination
Should use equal amount of wax and hot water to wipe the surface of furniture, and then use soft cloth to wipe hard.
(2) Tea decontamination
After painting the furniture, you can use gauze wrapped wet tea residue to wipe, or use cold tea water to scrub, this not only clean, but also make the furniture more bright and bright.
(3) Soap decontamination
Cleaning rattan furniture seems to be a headache, Xiaobian tells you, in fact, it is not a complicated thing, soap is the best cleaner. The bristles of the paintbrush can be cut in half to form a small brush, which can be used to remove dirt from furniture. Rattan furniture should be dried for one day and one night or two days and two nights after cleaning.
(4) Lemon decontamination
If wood furniture is burned by high temperature, Xiaobian suggests using half a lemon to wipe, and then use a soft cloth soaked in hot water to wipe. Finally, wipe and polish with dry soft cloth to restore the original appearance.
(5) Brine decontamination
Rattan furniture is particularly easy to accumulate dirt for a long time, which not only affects the appearance, but also is very unsanitary. The use of ordinary detergents will not only not clean, but also damage the rattan. The best way is to use salt water scrubbing, not only easy to decontaminate, but also can make the cane elastic, in addition, beer and toothpaste have the role of cleaning.
(6) Milk decontamination
Use the clean cloth soaked with residual milk to wipe the rattan furniture such as table. The decontamination effect is very good, and then wipe it with water again.