Reception desk

reception desk
The reception desk, as the name suggests, is the place to receive customers. Front desk reception is one of the positions in modern enterprises, usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other matters.
Which kind of material is good for the reception desk?
Reception desk category one, marble reception desk
Most of them are arranged in the wide one-story office lobby. The marble reception desk is the most high-end material. The price of a set of marble materials ranges from 10,000 to tens of thousands of yuan. The price is very high because of the high-end.
Reception desk classification two, paint front desk
The base material of the paint front is sprayed with environmentally friendly environmentally friendly paint on the surface of the medium-density board, and it is repeatedly baked in the paint booth. After the molding, the color of the front desk is bright, smooth and very beautiful.
Front desk classification three, solid wood front desk
The front desk is relatively rare this week. The workmanship is MDF with solid wood leather, and the craftsmanship is the same as the solid wood desk and solid wood manager desk.
Reception desk classification one, plate front desk
This is the most economical front desk. Of course, its materials are environmentally friendly panels above the national E1 level. It is used more in combination with steel brackets. Its diverse styles, simplified structure, and economical benefits are favored by small and medium-sized companies.