Renovation cost list

Construction cost of new house decoration cost list
Hydraulics: Grooving on the wall and floor, drilling wall holes, concealed water supply and drainage pipes, including PPR hot and cold water pipes, PVC drainage pipes and supporting accessories; including cement mortar repair after pipe fittings are installed; including ordinary faucets, wash basins and installation of sewage Manual; including water test and pressure test and drainage and sewage test. (The main materials such as toilet, bathtub, shower room, faucet, shower, wash basin, etc. are provided by the owner.)
Electrician: Grooving the wall and ground, drilling wall holes, laying pipes and threading; power-on inspection and testing; including PVC line pipes, BBV-R wires, plastic bottom boxes and other auxiliary materials; including labor costs, distribution boxes, ordinary switch socket panels , The installation cost of chandeliers and lamps with more than two lamp holders is extra. (Lamps and other main materials are provided by the owner)
Mason: wall laying, sporadic muddy repair; floor tiles, wall tiles, skirting, threshold stone, window sill stone paving; waterproofing of toilets and balconies; ground leveling and toilet backfilling, containing sand, cement, waterproofing agent and Labor costs. (The main materials such as floor tiles, wall tiles, baseboards, threshold stones, window sill stones, etc. are provided by the owner)
Carpentry: 3*4 wooden keel or light steel dragon frame, 9 cm gypsum board ceiling; kitchen and bathroom light steel dragon frame aluminum gusset ceiling; top plaster line decoration; wood keel, gypsum board, light steel keel, aluminum buckle Boards, plaster lines, various matching closing lines, interior materials and auxiliary materials, and labor costs involved in the quotation.
Fan ash worker: grassroots cleaning, fan ash three times, sanding paper, brushing latex paint; including double fly powder, auxiliary materials and labor costs; (surface latex paint is provided by the owner.)
Painter: Plastic color paint for wood veneer, plastic color repair for decorative panels. (Taking nitrocellulose paint as a reference quotation; including paint, auxiliary materials and labor costs.)
Handyman: The original walls, doors and windows, etc. are removed and the garbage is bagged and transported out; the decoration garbage is cleaned and bagged; the finished product is protected after the decoration is completed; the completion acceptance, sanitation, cleaning, and other non-above professional types of labor and other labor and miscellaneous fees.