Restaurant background wall feng shui

1. Restaurant background wall material
There are many types of background wall materials, and different materials have different sayings in Fengshui, such as peach trees, peach blossoms, jade, interpersonal, metal, etc., so when choosing a background wall, you may wish to choose the one that suits you according to your personal fate.
2. The location of the restaurant background wall
The background wall of the restaurant cannot be placed on the financial position. This will block the circulation of wealth and affect the owner’s wealth. What is “financial position” is related to the life of people. In addition, the background wall of the dining room should be placed directly in front of the kitchen, or slightly offset, so as to avoid the kitchen door facing the room, because the kitchen is hot, which can moderate the fire properly.
3. Orientation of the restaurant background wall
The background wall of the restaurant should not face the window or be on the wall where the window is opened, as this will cause an empty and scattered situation, and Feng Shui symbolizes the difficulty of gathering wealth. For the East Four House, the restaurant background wall should be placed in the west, northwest, and north. For the West Four House, it is best placed in the northeast and east.
4. Restaurant background wall color
It is said in nutrition that warm colors are good for promoting appetite, while bright and warm colors can gather yang, increase fire activity, and bring excellent wealth to the family. Therefore, the color of the background wall of the restaurant should be bright and warm.

Introduction of hand-painted restaurant background wall
1. The bold and innovative pop art style room design, the character images outlined by simple strokes on the wall of the restaurant, simple, stylish, individual, and clever bookshelf partitions, not only enriches the taste of the room, but also accommodates extra items in the small room. Seeing the joy of hand-painted walls and the joy of life, is there a bit of happiness when dining?
2. Warm room decoration, bead curtain partitions, hand-painted pictures on the dining room wall are still fresh and visible. The little girl in the red dress is holding the budding flowers as the hand-painted wall pattern of the restaurant, making the whole room more warm and lovely.
3. Warm-toned restaurant decoration, individuality, and stylish restaurant ceilings are obviously too thin as the only decoration of the restaurant. Several wild flowers on the peach blossom table on the wall echo each other, set off each other, and eagerly feel the sensory effect. Full of life’s interest.
4. The unconventional pop art restaurant hand-painted background wall, bold, unassuming colors, distinctive personality, the wall wearing a short red skirt has become a representative of modern popular culture, American-style restaurants are more and more lovely and warm, but there is no shortage of fashion.
5. The purple restaurant background wall, a bunch of dazzling and colorful, gushing hand-painted purple magnolia spreads all over the wall, full of style, rustic style log dining table and dining chair, straw hat on the back of the chair, and restaurant The various styles of hand-painted walls make the overall living room very suitable.
6. Several bunches of vigorous sunflowers with simple lines and flower vines striving for the sun are dotted with the overall dining room wall. The simple outlines make the pale hand-painted wall suddenly appear and show great manners. The warm and lovely expression on the wall is eye-catching.
7. The decoration style of fruit green and money blue restaurant, fashionable and individual chandeliers would be insufficient if they support the whole room alone. The hand-painted design of chandeliers like wall shadows is patchy, stylish and individual.
8. The hand-painted restaurant wall with simple strokes is currently widely used and adopted in the hand-painted patterns of the restaurant. The black and white lines decorate the white wall of the restaurant, the wildflowers on the table, one flower and one world. Recommended reading: Feng Shui on the background wall

Restaurant background wall design introduction
1. The messy lines on the background wall of the white restaurant have artistic beauty. The orange art painting on the background wall of the restaurant on the other side immediately adds a different color to the entire space. The design of the restaurant chandelier adopts unique geometric shapes and unique shapes. It shows the personality and uniqueness of the restaurant from the details.
2. The color of the brown restaurant background wall echoes the restaurant, the whole is very harmonious and beautiful. The restaurant background wall is made of metal material to collage the shape of the sun to bring bright brilliance to your dining. The other white restaurant background wall , Colorful art deco paintings, abstract brushstrokes and colors make your dining life rich and unique.
3. The black dining table has clean lines and smooth and fashionable materials, the dining chair has an elegant design, the straight chair back has a beautiful curvature, the black dining chair and the red dining chair are cross-matched, and the classic color scheme allows you The entire dining space of the restaurant becomes unique in an instant. The more classic is the design of the restaurant background wall. The colorful collage art paintings and abstract brushstrokes bring artistic beauty, allowing you to immerse yourself in this unique dining space.
4. Simple and warm restaurant decoration. The solid wood dining table and chairs are generous and unique with a natural and rustic atmosphere. The most outstanding feature is the design of the restaurant background wall. The arched area on the wall and the layers of solid wood shelves It matches with the overall layout of the restaurant, and at the same time provides you with a certain space for placing items, and the overall design is very harmonious and beautiful.
5. The restaurant’s layout is warm and generous. The orange restaurant background wall brings you a visual highlight. The delicate texture enriches the level of the wall and neutralizes the intensity of the orange. The shelf on the wall is golden. As a display platform for objects, the design of the wall becomes more outstanding, especially the clever use of the mirror surface is unique.
6. The dining room is designed in the corner of the kitchen. The light green seats are matched with metal legs. The small dining space looks stylish and bright. The decorative paintings on the background wall of the restaurant have fresh greenery, which strengthens the sense of space and overall sense of the restaurant.
7. Against the backdrop of white furniture, pink purple is a very charming color, which can give people a romantic and warm feeling, and is very suitable for creating a restaurant atmosphere. The accessories and tableware on the dining table can choose rose red that is brighter than white and pink purple for more contrast. The flower shelf beside the dining cabinet adds to the romantic and soft atmosphere of the restaurant.
8. The rounded dining table and chair design make the entire space synonymous with elegance. If you paint all the walls in green, it might be too ostentatious, so you might as well change the color of the walls to a style that is compatible with green and white. At the same time, the gauze curtains passing through also add a lot of sentiment.
9. The carpet with splashed ink on the ground brings a different feeling and the wallpaper on the wall with clean branches and leaves form a sharp contrast. Adding the white dining table and tablecloth, the light green and tender green in between, it looks like a beautiful picture.
10. If you want the restaurant to have a relaxed and natural atmosphere, you can approach the “pastoral scenery” style. Choose some iron, rattan furniture, simple shapes and sleek curves can create a rustic atmosphere. In addition, lattice-style cushions or cushions can give this ordinary dining area an extra garden-like view.
11. The mat on the floor is very natural and refreshing. It is also very harmonious with the black ground design.