Restaurant partition style

Dining room partition 1, curtain partition: graceful and colorful
A simple partition curtain can be stringed by itself. Buying beads usually costs one or two hundred yuan, which is very economical and practical overall. In this way, the partition can be achieved without affecting the ventilation and lighting. This method is simple, low cost, and very fashionable.
Curtain partition
2. Shelf partition: easy to get
This kind of partition is also used a lot. It costs more than 300 yuan to renovate the wall and cut a window, and then spend thousands of yuan to purchase two frames and artificial flowers. In the furniture store, you can see a lot of shelves. There are simple wooden shelves with more than 100 yuan, metal shelves with thousands of yuan, and even bogu shelves made of precious wood, no matter what kind of shelf. , Can play the role of decoration, decoration and partition. Wooden shelves are more suitable for European and Chinese styles, while metal shelves are more suitable for modern styles with a stronger sense of the times.
Shelf partition
3. Partition decoration: convenient storage
The method that is both economical and used is nothing more than the partition of storage test. Woodworking site production, materials and manual costs total 2,000 yuan. You can simply open a window on the partition wall to solve the lighting problem. He also spent a lot of time on the decoration of the partition wall. A group of European pastoral style low cabinets not only beautify the space, but also increase storage space.
Partition decoration
4. Wine cabinet partition: transparent space
This type of wine cabinet partition is more complicated to make and the cost is relatively high, reaching seven to eight thousand yuan. The doors of wine cabinets are mostly made of glass, which can brighten up the space. The wine cabinet is made as a partition, which is beautiful and practical, but the price is quite high. The uniqueness of Mr. Gao’s wine cabinet is that the front and back of the wine cabinet are all made of glass doors, which are more like a transparent glass box, very delicate.
Wine cabinet partition
Many young people nowadays, in order to reduce economic pressure, they will choose small apartment, which has a relatively small area, and a reasonable space layout can enhance the storage function.