Rocking chair

Rocking chair
 Sitting on a rocking chair, covering a small blanket when it is cold, the sun is shining from the window, and there is beautiful music flowing in my ears, and then gently flipping the pages of the book in my hand, such a pleasant day is probably what everyone yearns for. The rocking chair is swaying in tandem. Through this small rocking chair, you can not only see that its design has changed from the earliest handicraft workshop to the practical function of modernism and then to the modern personalized style. To the continuous evolution and innovation of rocking chair materials in different eras.
Rocking chair purchase common sense
The rocking chairs are mostly made of rattan. I will tell you what are the tips for buying rattan rocking chairs.
Although there are many benefits of rattan rocking chairs, because the quality of rattan is also good and bad, there are also tricks when buying.
Take a closer look at the material The choice of rattan is the high-quality rattan that is thick, well-proportioned and free of variegation. Inferior vines are thinner, have low toughness, and have low tensile strength and are easily broken. Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rainforest area, with frequent volcanic activity, abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and fertile volcanic ash soil, which makes the vines produced there known for its full and well-proportioned texture.
Observing the “Yan” color The main factors for testing whether the overall color of the rattan rocking chair is the same, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct are the main factors for testing its quality. For rattan chairs with seat cushions, carefully observe whether the arc of the seat cushion matches the arc of the furniture, whether the fabric patterns are neatly spliced, and whether the dental floss is smooth and straight.