Room decoration design

The main points of room decoration design 1. Early design is the highlight of the room decoration. Planning before the decoration can often achieve a multiplier effect, so a lot of work cannot be saved. It is best to conduct a serious measurement of the room. If you can please A professional measurement company is best. If it doesn’t work, you can measure it yourself. The content includes the area of ​​wallpaper, floor area, etc., as well as the area of ​​furniture. Clarify your own decoration style. If possible, it is best to ask a designer to help you design the drawings.
Key points of room decoration design 2. Noise not only disturbs sleep, but is also very harmful to human growth and development. The noise source mainly comes from outdoors, and there are also various sound interferences indoors. Therefore, when decorating, consider choosing sound-absorbing materials for bedroom decoration, such as carpets, curtains, rough wallpaper, etc. Try to avoid using hard decoration materials such as glass, marble, and scratched porcelain walls. Also pay attention to the airtight treatment of the windows to prevent the windows from screaming after an earthquake. Generally, curtains should be set in two thick and thin layers to prevent outdoor interference at night. Translucent window screens can reduce outdoor noise during the day and adjust the light to make the light soft.
Room decoration design, point 3. If the wall is not a flat plane, or if you divide the rest area and storage area on the other side of the wall, then in order to achieve a visual balance, you actually need to create a false center point. For example, a large hanging picture, or a set of photo walls. The photo wall is best to be visually regular, to create a feeling of center point.
Room decoration design, point 4, bedroom decoration colors should be soft and simple, use warm gray tones, use more similar colors, and less contrast colors. The shape can be more curved, avoid edges and corners, and the interior fabrics should be soft, good-touch, warm and romantic.