Room layout

Taboo 1: The center is contaminated
Interpretation: The central part of the house should not be used as a toilet.
Feng Shui theory: If the central part of the house is used as a toilet, it will be like a human heart accumulating waste. If the toilet happens to be in the middle of the room, it is not suitable as a residence. If the toilet is not located in the center of the house, but is located in the center of the back half of the house, just in line with the door, it is also not suitable for selection as a residence, which may result in financial damage.
Scientific Secret: In fact, in a house design with a reasonable layout, the toilet should have an exterior window to facilitate the discharge of pollutants. However, if the toilet is in the center of the house, the air will not circulate easily. On the one hand, the odor released in the toilet will affect the mood of the occupants, on the other hand, the excrement may contain ingredients harmful to the human body, and the owner is likely to get sick.
Taboo 2: Three taboos at households
Interpretation: The front door of the room, that is, the household door, should not face the kitchen, master bedroom, and toilet.
Feng Shui theory: Don’t see the stove when you open the door, “When you open the door, you will see the stove, and the money will be spent.” When you see the stove at the entrance, you will get angry and make you unable to enter. Avoid seeing the toilet when you open the door, and seeing the toilet as soon as you enter the door, it’s as if you are greedy. Do not see the couch when you open the door, and the entrance door is facing the owner’s bedroom. The owner is very dangerous and not conducive to gathering wealth.
Scientific Secret: The air at home is cleaner than the outside world, and it is inevitable to carry all kinds of bacteria on the body after entering the house from outside. If the door is facing the kitchen, the airflow that opens the door may blow bacteria on the body into the kitchen, which is a place for cooking, so if you maintain this layout for a long time, the owner is prone to respiratory and esophageal diseases. And if the door is facing the master bedroom, it is not only unfavorable to clean the air in the bedroom, but more importantly, if a gangster enters the house, the owner of the house is the first to be hurt.
Taboo 3: Empty bedside
Interpretation: “Bedside emptiness” means that the bed is placed in the center of the house, or the surrounding area is open, without relying on the wall.
Feng Shui theory: The bed is suitable to be placed in the corner of the bedroom. The more variables against the wall, the more suitable, because the corner of the room is diagonally opposite to the door, which is the best place to hide the wind and gather energy in the house, which is beneficial to the owner’s career and wealth.
Scientific Secret: Traditionally speaking, it is not easy to see the situation in front of the head when lying down, so the headboard of the bed should be against the wall to avoid exposure to reduce the sense of security. Especially when the bedside is empty, there will be a lack of security in the subconscious mind, resulting in more dreams at night, lowered sleep quality, and lassitude during the day.