Rural furniture style

Characteristics of rural furniture style
Pastoral style home design has gradually become popular. It can be roughly divided into American, European, Korean and Chinese rural pastoral styles. The pastoral style advocates “return to nature” and “natural beauty” in aesthetics. It is believed that only by advocating and combining nature can we achieve a physical and psychological balance in today’s high-tech fast-paced social life. Therefore, the pastoral style strives to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural taste of pastoral life.
Classic stripes, lovely broken flowers, and pure logs are the basic elements that make up a rural home. Furniture is the most important thing in the outline of the home style. What are the characteristics of the rustic style home, let us experience it together!
1. Sofa and coffee table:
(1) Choose pure solid wood (commonly used white oak) as the skeleton, painted with white paint on the outside, and matched with the available soft cushions of flowers and grass. It is comfortable to sit up and beautiful, and the cost is relatively high. The estimated cost for a single person is around 3000-5000 yuan , This kind of sofa can choose the matching coffee table.
(2) There are also the more commonly used all-fabric sofas, and most of these sofas have no corners and are mainly composed of two and three persons. The patterns are mostly flowers and plants, and the colors are more elegant, with wooden light grain coffee tables Special attention is that if the decoration of the house is more fancy, then some people also use pure wooden lattice chairs, painted with white paint, which can better reflect the nature and harmony of the countryside.
2. Dining table and chairs: mostly white, with wooden ones. Some choose chairs with cushions or chairs without cushions. The wooden surface is painted with wood grain or pure white enamel. But there will be no complicated patterns. The fabric pattern of the cushion is also determined according to the overall style. Of course, the choice is mainly flowers and plants, reflecting the natural sense of the country. Tables and chairs are not placed properly when matching, and a relaxed attitude towards life can better reflect this style.
3. Beds and bedside tables: There are not many beds that can reflect the country style. Most of them are white, pink and green fabrics, and there are also pure white headboards.