Screen partition design

Living room partition design one
In this rendering of the living room screen partition, matched with such a culturally rich hollow partition, the whole space has a different feeling. The living room and the dining room are separated by hollow screens, which not only divide the space, but also correspond to each other, and the decoration effect is excellent. The hollow structure pattern makes this living room screen partition more artistic, very suitable for modern home decoration. Moreover, the color and color are not superfluous, and the whole structure is really just right.
Living room partition design two
The main color of the space is dusk, and it is embellished with fashionable and bright light blue and jumping yellow tones. The unique artistic glass living room screen partition design is perfectly integrated with the simple and elegant cabinet, which is convenient for operation and greatly enhances the visual beauty with the shining design. The partition is made of glass material, which divides a space into two, but it seems to be a visual sense of integration. This is the best decorative effect of this living room screen partition.
Living room partition design three
In the rendering of the living room screen partition, a grid-like partition is used to design a leisure space similar to a study room. The openness of the perspective is continued, the transition between areas, through light and shadow, make the whole space more practical at the same time , It also makes the space more vivid and interesting. In this rendering of the living room screen partition, we can experience the joy of life, and we can also see from the decoration of the living room screen partition that the owner personalizes the decoration, abandoning the traditional singleness, showing a vibrant effect, and letting the entire living room It also became bright and extraordinary.
Living room partition design four
The living room screen partition in this rendering of the living room screen partition, its retro blog post, leisurely and elegant, collide with a simple and nostalgic atmosphere. The movable tenon-and-mortise structure is detachable for easy cleaning of the linen. This living room screen partition uses high-quality materials and its proper proportions exist only for the pursuit of ultimate beauty. Foldable and stackable, it collides with different decorative effects in the expansion and contraction, making the surging breath more noble and elegant because of the partition of this living room screen.