Pingfeng, a kind of furniture used to block the wind inside a building in ancient times, the so-called “panqifeng”. As an important part of traditional furniture, screens have a long history. Screens are generally arranged in conspicuous places in the room, which play a role of separation, beautification, wind shielding, and coordination. It complements each other with classical furniture, complements each other, becomes an integral whole of home decoration, and presents a harmonious and peaceful beauty.
Screen effect picture
The origin of the screen partition
The screen has a long history and rich forms, and the craftsmanship is also colorful. It is a wonderful flower in the field of traditional crafts and is deeply loved by the public. Modern screens are not only nowadays screens but also as elegant decorations. They can also be used to change the pattern of Feng Shui while beautifying the home. They are applied to various styles of home decoration and become popular furnishings.
At first, the furnishings of our ancestors were very concise. With the development of society, people’s material life has gradually enriched, and the aesthetic concept has also undergone tremendous changes. As a result, the production of screens in furniture came into being. Most of them were placed behind or on the side of the bed at first, and then gradually developed from fixed to mobile, and various changes in style and function continued. The birth of the screen was originally designed specifically behind the throne of the emperor, called “axe”. It is framed by wood, mounted on silk, and painted with axe, which became a symbol of emperor’s power. “Historical Records” also recorded: “The emperor stood on the screen.” After a long period of development, screens began to spread to the folks and entered the homes of ordinary people, becoming an important part of the interior decoration of the ancients.
Partition screen effect picture 1
Between the entrance and the living room, forged screens dominated by floral totems are used as the medium of the living room, introducing a lot of natural light into the hall area.
Partition screen effect picture 2
The soft-covered screens are very romantic, and the gentle colors are in line with the decoration style of the room. A corner of the sofa is exposed through the screens. The comfortable atmosphere is very attractive.
Partition screen effect picture three
A solid wood hollow screen is simple and natural, creating a rustic atmosphere for the living room. The tatami sofa is leaning against the screen, and the natural and casual attitude is love at first sight.