Selection of custom wardrobe door panels

Selection of custom wardrobe door panels
Many particleboard styles
In the market, the relatively mainstream wardrobe door panels are made of particleboard. It is understood that many veneer treatment processes, such as mirror treatment with dark lines, monochromatic coating treatment, and inlaid glass, metal and other materials, can be realized on the particle board.
Matching suggestions: Wu Jianguang said that there are many ways to match this type of board in the design, and it usually matches a relatively modern and simple style. Color-coated wardrobe door panels can be used in children’s rooms. The color of the door panels can be changed according to the overall color of the room. For example, girls use warm colors and boys can use cool colors as a whole. For the elderly’s room, you can choose simple wood-colored door panels. The wardrobe of young couples can choose one with decorative patterns according to their preferences.
Solid wood board highlights quality
The wood of solid wood wardrobe door panels is mostly pine. The designer pointed out that solid wood door panels are more traditional, with high flexibility, relatively environmental protection, and high quality, but their prices are also the highest.
Matching suggestions: Usually, the wood grain on the surface is further processed to make it more beautiful. For example, it can be made into a louver style, which is very suitable for owners who choose Korean style design at home.
Avant-garde fashion
There are two types of glass wardrobe door panels on the market. The height of the whole printed glass is 2.4 meters, and the height of the glass door panels with waistline can be customized. It is understood that the glass with waistline is not a whole piece of glass, so the height can be customized. If the wardrobe door panel is made of pure mirror glass, the space occupied by the full-length mirror can also be saved.