Shear wall concept and structural efficiency

1. When the vertical load-bearing components in a building are mainly borne by the wall, this wall not only bears the vertical load transmitted by the horizontal member, but also bears the horizontal seismic effect from the wind or earthquake. The shear wall is named after it (the seismic code is named seismic wall).

2. The shear wall is the partition wall and enclosure wall of the building, so the layout of the wall must meet the requirements of the architectural layout and structural layout at the same time.

3. The shear wall structure system has good bearing capacity, good integrity and spatial effect, and has better lateral force resistance than the frame structure. Therefore, tall buildings can be constructed.

4. The advantage of the shear wall structure is that the lateral rigidity is large, and the lateral displacement is small under the action of horizontal load. The disadvantage is that the spacing of the shear wall is limited, the building plan is not flexible, and it is not suitable for public buildings that require large space. In addition, the structure The self-respect is also large, and the flexibility is poor. Generally applicable to residences, apartments and hotels.

5. The floor structure of the shear wall structure generally uses a flat plate, and there is no need for beams, so the space utilization is better and the floor height can be saved. .