Shop decoration Feng Shui

The door of the shop
Generally, store doors should not be too small. If the door of the access passage is too small, it will be very inconvenient for customers to enter and exit. In the shop decoration feng shui, too small door is not conducive to receiving qi, so that it reduces the anger in the shop, and adds lifelessness; the so-called “scissors road” means that there should be no fork in front of the shop door, which will also affect The owner’s judgment and decision.
Feng Shui counter in the shop
For the decoration of the counter, many people will design it at the exit of the escalator. Of course, this is to allow customers to see the products being promoted at a glance, but often some customers will bypass this counter and go to the next counter to make selections. Don’t set the counter 2 meters away from the stairway, maybe you will feel the magical effect of “Housekeeping”.
The cash register of the store’s Feng Shui decoration
In a good shop decoration, the position of the cash register is very important in the decoration of the shop. It should not be designed in a nearby chaotic place, and at the same time, it must be arranged properly.
Feng Shui environment of shop decoration
If the store you are looking for is only good for your own feng shui, and others are not good, it will have an impact on your business. Therefore, there should be no sewage collection in front of the store, so that the environment is not good and it is easy to cause the loss of guests; if the shop is spread out on the second floor, the stairs should not be narrow and crowded, which will create a sense of oppression and make guests unwilling to patronize. It is best not to choose a store that is not facing unlucky places, such as chimneys, toilets, funeral homes, hospitals, etc. Even if it is you, you are not willing to think about it!
Feng Shui Protection of Shop Decoration
Even if the store’s feng shui decoration is very good, but the customers will sometimes destroy the original feng shui when they come in. In this way, a screen can be installed at the store door, which is conducive to the loss of the villain, preventing the leakage of money, allowing your treasury to prosper, and good luck; you can also hang some hanging pictures, which are pleasing to the eye, enhance the prosperity of the family, and attract guests.