Shop decoration tutorial

1. Signs and signs
In addition to the store name factor, the quality of the signboard should also consider the choice of font and the complete graphic design. Walking on the streets and shopping malls, we often see some good store names, but they are embedded in the signboards in front of the door in crooked fonts. Typos and traditional characters are common, and even some hard-made characters are used. Irregular font usage. The signs of specialty stores should avoid unusual words. The purpose of the signboard is to make people know the content of the store’s operations clearly, so making a fancy will only cause customers to be unable to know or resent. For example, it is not necessary to take a foreign store name for a domestic product store and a foreign name for Chinese products.
2. Cabinet display layout
The window is the “face” of the specialty store and the first display of the storefront. Whether the face of the storefront is charming and can attract people’s attention, this “face” plays a decisive role. The window is an artistic expression of store layout and an important means to attract customers and display products.
3. Determination of store color
The color of store decoration is very particular. Now many stores pay much attention to the color inside the storefront. Some merchants think through psychological tests that brighter colors such as red will make people in a relatively excited state and arouse people. Desire to buy. From the perspective of feng shui, the color of the interior of the store should be considered in conjunction with the owner’s birthday, the orientation of the store, and the attributes of the five elements of the products sold. The attributes of the products should be included in the five categories of wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. Then according to the store owner’s life hexagram and the store’s house hexagram, the method of determining the interior decoration color of the store is extremely complicated and must be determined by a professional housekeeper.
4. Decoration budget
It is best to budget for the next renovation time and the approximate profitability during this period, and advise the renovation shop to mainly measure its profitability and use renovation funds appropriately. Too much investment is not ineffective here, but if it is just shop renovation If there is no improvement in the aspect, there will certainly not be much performance rise.