Shopping mall decoration design style

Shopping mall decoration design style
1. Shopping mall decoration design style: Let customers feel warm, cordial and comfortable
The decoration of the business hall should make customers feel warm, cordial and comfortable. A TV screen wall is arranged at the front door, polite words such as “Welcome” are displayed from time to time, and product introductions alternately appear. In the lobby, there should be colorful fountains, upside down water curtains, ponds under rockeries, flower beds stacked with flowers, etc. Customers come in with a “home away from home” feeling. In this way, shopping is no longer a hard work, but a pleasant enjoyment.
2. Shopping mall decoration design style: consider the appearance of the building
For modern shopping mall design, we must first consider the appearance of the building. A good appearance image can guide customers to understand the mall from outside to inside, enhance their interest in patronizing the mall, and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. The simple and elegant exterior buildings with bright colors will give people a sense of dignity, elegance and luxury; the clever window design not only makes people pleasing to the eye, but also enhances the effect of publicity, showing the commercial civilization, prosperity and modern style, and achieves the inspiration Eye-catching.
Three, shopping mall decoration design style: consider color and air circulation
For modern shopping mall design, issues such as color and air circulation must also be considered. Different colors will give people different feelings, and different colors can have different effects on people. Therefore, the various facilities in the shopping mall and the work clothes of the salespersons should be harmonious, and the general requirement is appropriate shade, generous and elegant. The colors should be unified and coordinated and matched appropriately to reflect the operators’ better aesthetic taste and elegant cultural qualities. The air in the shopping mall must maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Generally, the temperature is about 20°C, and the relative humidity is between 40-60°C. Attention should be paid to indoor ventilation to keep the air fresh. These are not only beneficial to customers’ shopping, but also beneficial to salespersons’ physical and mental and merchandise maintenance.
Fourth, shopping mall decoration design style: pay attention to lighting and sound
For the design of modern shopping malls, special attention should be paid to lighting and sound. This is not only a technical issue, but also a matter of courtesy to customers. Most shopping halls are indoors, and lighting is the main content of beautiful environment. Especially with the continuous expansion of shopping malls and the installation of central air-conditioning, the degree of closure of the shopping malls is getting higher and higher, making it more important for lighting. Use light to illuminate, the lamps and lanterns should be beautiful, characteristic, and reasonable layout. The design of the light should be soft and comfortable, and it can adjust the customer’s feeling and vision, so that the customer is full of energy and happy in the shopping process. The lighting layout should not be used evenly. Methods such as directional lighting, cluster lighting, and color lighting can be used to focus the lighting on various commodities to make the commodities more vivid and eye-catching, so as to stimulate customers’ desire to buy and guide customers to watch and watch. Shop. The lights in the mall should not be too bright or too dark. Too bright will make people feel nervous and dazzling, while too dark will make people feel dull and depressed.