Shopping mall decoration

Shopping mall decoration
Hard layout
1. Channel flow design
Shopping mall channel design is one of the key points of mall layout design. Shopping mall channels are mainly divided into main channels and sub-channels. The main channel is the main line that guides customers’ actions, and the sub-channel is the fulcrum for guiding customers to flow in the store. The channel flow design of the store is designed according to the location and display of the mall configuration. The excellent channel flow design can guide customers to naturally go to every corner of the mall according to the design, touch all the products in the store, and effectively use the space of the mall.
2. Commodity display design
Commodity display design is the main point of shopping mall layout design. Good product display design can not only promote consumers’ desire to buy, but also promote their purchase. Generally speaking, a good product display design mainly includes six aspects such as promotion, display points, attractiveness, convenience, price and stability.
Soft layout
Shopping mall channel design and merchandise display design belong to the rigid layout of shopping malls. This type of layout is relatively stable and takes a long time to replace. Because this is based on consumption habits. Some shopping malls will regularly adjust the shelf layout of the shopping malls based on the sales situation. However, since consumers’ familiarity with the mall affects the convenience of shopping, adjustments to the overall hardware layout of the mall cannot be frequent, but the unchanging shopping environment will make consumers feel tired. In order to solve this contradiction between change and change, shopping malls usually introduce soft layout methods.
Atmosphere layout
1. Shopping mall video system
The guidance system is a visual guidance arrangement that guides customers to shop in the store, including various functional signs. Such as the instructions for each product zone, each service zone instruction, etc., which are part of the VI system we usually call.
2. Atmosphere rendering layout
From the perspective of the direct sales promotion effect, the atmosphere rendering layout has undoubtedly become the key point. Atmosphere rendering is to put on suitable outerwear for shopping malls according to different sales status, from top to bottom, wearing clothes and hats. The layout points include the store gate, the sky above the store, the promotion activity area, the promotion background wall, the ground, the cashier area, the service desk, etc. The applied packaging forms are mainly flexible and replaceable printed matter and advertising products.