Showcase design

Showcase design
1. Shelf design requirements
The shelf design should ensure that there is an appropriate area and space for the merchandise display on the shelves, so that the merchandise can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to display its different varieties, and a vertical arrangement to display different specifications and grades of the same variety. The appropriate space is not only the vertical arrangement of the merchandise , It also provides convenience for the sales staff to put on the shelves, put the goods, and clean.
2. Showcase design requirements
The exhibition hall has high requirements in display cabinet design and display cabinet production, not only requiring the display cabinet to be moisturized, but also requiring the display cabinet to have a temperature adjustment function. In addition, the display cabinet is required to have a unique perspective of the lighting effect. The materials used in the display cabinet must be stable and safe, and the display cabinet should be able to control temperature and humidity.
3. Freezer design requirements
Design and layout according to the specific conditions and requirements of customers. After assembling multiple cabinets into one, lay natural or artificial stone slabs on the top of the cabinets. Product design must ensure not only practicality, but also beautiful appearance.