Showcase, a kind of shelf specially used to display goods, samples, products or other needs to be displayed. There are many varieties and a wide range of uses. All kinds of showcases can be seen wherever there are human activities. Usually in every supermarket or store, there will be simple ones, commonly known as shelves.
Picture Appreciation of Living Room Showcase
Taken literally, in a store, a showcase is to list the products and take them away. There are some differences with display cabinets, that is, display cabinets are understood literally, that is, to display samples. Consumers are interested in samples and generally cannot take samples away. In fact, in daily life, the connotations of these two titles are almost the same.
The classification of display cabinets is more troublesome, because it is too detailed and involves all walks of life. The Chinese classification method is provided here. According to the function classification, the display cabinets are undoubtedly have a line of functions, which are to provide others with a better perspective to display the items, so that they can be recognized or appreciated.
The showcase at home is generally called a showcase. It is a display stand with a light box and display items for publicity. This kind of showcase is generally not complicated to make, and because of its propaganda nature, it is commonly used in general households. For example, placing one or two bottles of good wine is a good display, which not only shows the style of the family, but also shows your own taste.
Display cabinets are also very important in matching in the family. Different styles of home environments have different display cabinets. The display cabinets of Chinese-style furniture are generally simple combination, exquisite workmanship, generous style, and durable. The atmospheric color matching highlights the inner beauty. The entire display cabinet space demonstrates the owner’s pursuit of life taste. Spacious storage space, shelf design, you can sort and store the display items, this is the best use of the showcase.
Whether it is placed in the living room or the study room, the showcase is quite practical. New Chinese style modern minimalist furniture, the shape is closer to the design of modern furniture, so it is more practical. The natural walnut solid wood material, combined with board and wood, strengthens the quality of the display cabinet. The environmentally friendly particle board is pasted with veneer and sprayed with paint to make the display cabinet look simple and practical.