The sideboard cabinet is placed in the dining room space. The main storage cabinet on one side of the table is a storage cabinet, which can be used to place dishes and chopsticks, wine and drinks, as well as temporary soup and dishes. It can also be used for guests to pack small items.
Size of sideboard
This should be designed according to the size of the restaurant, the depth can be 400 mm-600 mm; the height can be about 800 mm, or the height can be achieved, can also be about 2000 mm high cabinet, or according to the needs of the top, increase the storage and storage function; the length can be made according to the needs. Generally, the thickness of Shangpin house plate is 18mm, and the back plate is 9mm.
The function of sideboard
This is a Korean idyllic dining cabinet, which has made some changes based on the simple and functional design of the traditional dining cabinet. The design of the upper and lower arcs of the modeling makes the dining cabinet have the beauty of streamline, and at the same time, it does not lose its traditional function of storage. Simple and pure is the design and dining table, wall fitting together, give people a quiet and elegant feeling. The sideboard is not only the locker of your restaurant, but also the decorator of your restaurant!
This is an American idyllic dining cabinet. The tall design gives a slender feeling, which can effectively expand the visual space of your restaurant. The design of the upper and lower compartments makes it more convenient for you to pick up the items. The design of two windows and doors gives you a fairy tale feeling, and the vines hanging down on the counter add more rural flavor. Here, your sideboard brings you not only simple storage function, but also cool and green shade.
This American style rural dining cabinet, how I thought it was a dresser! Hehe, it’s rare to have a quiet sideboard, right? The unconventional design makes the function of the sideboard more the same. Exquisite and elegant carving, streamlined cabinet design, very good decoration of your restaurant, decorated your home!
This is a French dining cabinet, here, it not only has the function of storage and decoration, but also can be used as a preparation cabinet. With unique design, storage, decoration and meal preparation, are you a little excited?