single bed

single bed
The single bed quilt is designed according to the size of the single bed. It is very suitable for the size of the single bed, so that people will not slide out of the bed because the quilt is too large, and will not catch cold because the quilt is too small to cover the whole body.
School single bed size
1. The size of single bed in student dormitory is generally specified. However, according to different schools, several different standards can be selected. For example, there are four standards for length, namely 180 cm, 186 cm, 200 cm and 210 cm.
2. The standard width of single bed in school dormitory is 90cm, 105cm and 120cm.
3. The two most commonly used size standards are 180 cm in length and 90 cm in width and 180 cm in length and 85 cm in width.
4. What’s the price of a single bed for students? Generally, it’s a single bed made of steel. It’s the upper and lower bunks we often sleep in. It’s about 200-300 yuan. The price of different sizes is slightly different.
5. The material of student single bed, we have said, wooden and steel. Some schools will choose the more expensive wood, so that it will not be as cold as steel in winter.
Folding options for single beds
How to choose a folding bed: pay attention to the shape and material of the folding bed. There are many shapes and materials of the bed, but we should pay attention to the choice according to their own needs. For example, the elderly and children should not use the iron bed with engraved and corrugated corners first.
How to choose a folding bed: pay attention to the hardness of the folding bed. The human spine is composed of one segment of vertebrae, which can be bent or extended. If the bed is too soft and the body sinks badly, it will inevitably lead to excessive curvature of the spine, so that the extension of lumbar muscles, uneven phenomenon, there will be a sense of restlessness after getting up, and even feel low back pain.
How to choose a folding bed: pay attention to the heat preservation, heat dissipation and moisture absorption performance of the folding bed. Generally speaking, people’s body temperature is usually 36. The temperature on the body surface is slightly lower, about 32-33 degrees. When lying down, it is about one degree lower than when standing. When choosing a bed, one should consider keeping the body temperature at the same level around the body when sleeping. Only when the temperature is balanced is conducive to sleep.
Folding bed how to choose four: see elastic: lie down in person, and turn around a few times, good spring will not move or uneven situation, and can immediately restore the original shape.
Folding bed how to choose five: look at the stability: you can use two hands to shake the product back and forth, shake, shake, firm that frame is good.
Folding bed how to choose six: pay attention to the quality of the cloth: buy leather can be pinched with two fingertips, pull up a pull, feel strong, good recovery is the first-class goods
How to choose the folding bed 7: look at the process: if it is a folding bed with steel frame structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of the welding joint, no gap, uniform and soft coating. The steel pipe surface treated by spraying plastic process has high hardness, more wear resistance and more luster. If the paint baking process is used, the steel pipe surface is easy to produce scratches, resulting in easy oxidation and rust, and no gloss.