Single folding bed

Single folding bed
The history of the development of folding bed can be started from the Warring States period. Up to now, it has gone through thousands of years, but the advantages of folding bed are endless. Folding bed design is very clever, literal meaning is very good to understand, can fold a single bed, also means does not take up space, carry at will, use two words to describe is convenient.
Price of single folding bed
Single folding bed price 1: more than 100 yuan. The price of the cheapest single folding bed only needs more than 100 yuan. This kind of folding bed is the simplest kind of dormitory folding bed. If it is wholesale, the price will be cheaper.
The price of single folding bed is about two or three hundred yuan. The single folding bed with two or three hundred yuan is also relatively simple, but the quality of the bed is relatively better. For example, the material of steel pipe bamboo sheet is about 200 yuan. This kind of bed is more durable and can be used when people come to visit. This is the price of a common single fold bed. There are also some simple office nap beds at this price.
The price of single folding bed is about five or six hundred. About five or six hundred single folding bed is a better single folding bed. This kind of single folding bed can be used as a back chair. If you want to sleep, you can lie down. It is more suitable to be put at home and of high grade.
Of course, there are a lot of single folding bed prices, not excluding cheaper than 100, of course, there are definitely more expensive than 500. Generally, the price of single folding bed is about 300 yuan, and the quality is very good.

Purchase of single folding bed
1、 Look at the elasticity: lie down by yourself and turn it around a few times. A good spring will not move or be uneven, and can immediately return to its original shape.
2、 Look at the stability: you can use two hands to shake the product back and forth, shake, shake, firm that the frame is good.
3、 Pay attention to the quality of the cloth: if you buy leather, you can hold one place with your fingertips and pull it up. The one with strong hand feeling and good recovery is top-grade product
4、 Look at the process: if it is a folding bed with steel frame structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of the welding joint, no gap, uniform and soft coating. The steel pipe surface treated by spraying plastic process has high hardness, more wear resistance and more luster. If the [baking] process is used, the steel pipe surface is easy to produce scratches, resulting in oxidation and rust, and no luster.

Classification of single folding bed:
According to different materials
Single folding bed can be divided into the following categories: steel single folding bed, canvas single folding bed
According to different uses
Single folding bed can also be divided into the following categories: baby single folding bed, multi-functional single folding bed, outdoor single folding bed, reclining chair single folding bed
According to the material selection: the material of single folding bed directly affects its service life. The inferior single folding bed is made of light and thin inferior steel and inferior fabric. Not only is the bed surface easy to wear and deform due to poor fabric, but also the bearing capacity is not enough, so there is a serious potential safety hazard. The high-quality single folding bed generally adopts high-quality thickened and thickened steel Fabric to manufacture, to ensure the real material, and to ensure that the weight can reach more than 200 Jin, even if the body is relatively fat or heavy weight people use, there is no need to worry about safety risks, bearing capacity is stronger, and high-quality fabric in its quality and permeability is better, so that the service life is longer.