Skirting classification

The skirting line currently on the market is mainly classified according to the material of the skirting line. The baseboards are made of various materials. Common baseboard materials include wooden baseboards, PVC baseboards, stainless steel baseboards, aluminum alloy baseboards, ceramic or stone baseboards, and glass baseboards Wait.

The wooden baseboard has a softer visual feel, looks very comfortable, and is easy to operate when installed, but there are often repair marks on the surface of the wood, and it has poor wear resistance and is prone to arching due to weather changes. The service life is relatively short, usually about five or six years, the surface may be worn out and mottled.
PVC skirting is a cheap alternative to wooden skirting. Its appearance generally imitates wooden skirting, and it is laminated to show the effect of wood grain or paint. The price is cheap, but it is easy to wear, the skin layer may fall off, and the visual effect is worse than that of wooden skirting.
The stainless steel skirting line is made of stainless steel, the process is more complicated, and the installation is also more complicated. But the advantage is that it is durable and hardly has any maintenance troubles. The stainless steel material feels colder, generally suitable for some modern style decoration.
Aluminum baseboard products are easy to install, durable, fireproof and moisture-proof, and solve the problems of traditional baseboards such as being easily damp, deformed, aging, moth-eaten, and surface stickers falling off. At the same time, the aluminum baseboard has a lighter specific gravity and a better decorative effect.
Porcelain or stone baseboards are harder in terms of visual perception and easy to stick. The material has high hardness and wear resistance. The overall surface is smooth and there are no repair marks. It is suitable for rooms where porcelain or stone walls are also used.
The glass skirting is made of glass, which is cut and finely polished. It has crystal clear characteristics and good decorative effect. However, the glass skirting is fragile, and it is not safe to use it on the skirting, especially in families with elderly and children. Therefore, the glass skirting is only loved by those heavily decorated families.