Sky garden construction

The first step: Paving the floor tiles to make a garden, the floor tiles must not be laid too flat, and the corners where the floor drain is located should be lower so that the water that separates from the soil can flow down from the floor drain.

Step two: When making a design, you must tell the designer whether there is any other design besides the landscape layout on the balcony. If a glass canopy is set up on the balcony, the plants planted should be wet and hot. If there is a corner on the balcony to be a storage room, then there must not be too many plants near that corner, otherwise the storage room will be damp.

The third step: Build a floor drain system on a balcony of less than 10 square meters. It only takes one day to lay the partition on the ground. The distance between the board and the ground is about 10 cm. Leave a gap at a certain distance for water leakage. Lay an isolation layer similar to a non-woven fabric on the board to prevent water from taking away the sand during the process of leakage.

Step 4: The ratio of soil to planting trees is very particular. Mr. Ren said that it is best to dig soil around the transplanted plants. If conditions do not permit, you need to adjust the soil yourself, then the ratio should be 2:1:1—— —2 parts of landslide, 1 part of mulch, 1 part of yellow sand.

When transplanting a tree, it is also necessary to bring as much old soil as possible with its roots, so that the survival rate is relatively high.