Sky garden design plan

Sky Garden Design Plan One
This sky garden is really a little miracle. Because many of the supplies in it are made with things you can’t think of. For example, the flower stand is actually a garden bench. Is this design clever? Simple small changes make the whole balcony full of garden-like feeling.

Sky Garden Design Plan 2
This design scheme is also very simple. Except for the wooden ceiling and wall floor of the balcony, which are custom-made, the rest are almost all handmade. For example, the stickers on the wall are made of hanging pictures and magazine pictures. Isn’t it clever?

Sky Garden Design Plan Three

The small garden becomes a small vegetable garden. Is this design very special? The wooden floor is decorated with pebbles. Every day, listening to the copper bells on the balcony makes a crisp sound. It is simple but makes everyday life full of fun.

Sky Garden Design Plan 4

This sky garden gives people a feeling of luxury and elegance. The design of the arched door divides the garden into two parts. One part is a recreation area, and the other part is a small garden. This makes the entire terrace full of conflict and coordination.

Sky Garden Design Plan 5
Seeing this garden really makes people want to drink a cup of coffee here. Originally, many plants were placed on the garden, coupled with the lush forest scenery in the distance, so that the whole small garden was full of natural atmosphere.

Sky Garden Design Plan 6
The    rooftop allows the owner to create a small leisure garden. The wooden stakes are matched with potted plants and two wicker chairs are placed to make the whole space full of natural feeling. Lying here, looking at the green mountains and forests from a distance, I believe that the gloomy mood will also get better.

Sky Garden Design Plan 7
This private garden is full of changes in levels, giving people a sense of elegance and relaxation. The simple water flow design makes this garden full of Zen. The arrangement of sun umbrellas and lounge chairs in the distance makes this space full of leisure atmosphere of Nanyang.

Sky Garden Design Plan 8
The green plants in the garden slowed down the pace of the entire space. Turn the partition wall of the study into glass, so that you can enjoy the comfort of this green in different spaces in the room.

Sky Garden Design Plan 9
Don’t say, you didn’t know that this small garden was also transformed from waste. The owner used waste wooden ladders, wood and tiles to turn this small balcony into a private small garden. Working and studying here, I believe it must be a kind of enjoyment.

Sky garden design plan ten

This sky garden is built into a sun room, so that you can enjoy watching and reading here. Ma Baomu’s floor and simple planting make the entire small space full of natural feeling.