Small apartment furniture customization

Small apartment furniture customization
Puzzle 1: Just look at the effect of the furniture in the exhibition hall
In fact, the design of the exhibition hall is usually a company spends a lot of money to invite a famous designer to build it carefully, and this designer usually does not serve the actual customers of the company at all; in addition, the exhibition hall is different from the actual family house. There are no functional limitations and no house layout restrictions. The height of the interval can be adjusted at will. The difficulty of design is greatly reduced, so it is easy to produce results.
Mystery 2: Home decoration effects can be copied
Regarding the overall furniture, most consumers did not notice that they were buying an intangible product, blindly thinking that the effect of the exhibition hall would be the kind of effect they saw when they moved to their own homes, but did not realize that due to the size and floor of the room. The height and the size of the doors and windows will affect the layout and style selection of furniture. Generally, consumers only consider the suitability of size and color for furniture, and rarely consider the proportional relationship that really affects the aesthetics and practicality. Because this proportional relationship involves not only size, color, but also decoration, electrical appliances, lighting, curtains and other detailed designs. This kind of design is not something ordinary people can complete, but it requires a combination of architectural design, interior design, and furniture design. Only a designer can do it.
Mystery 3: The overall furniture is customized furniture
A true overall furniture provider should first provide an overall home design plan, including overall decoration design, overall furniture design, overall lighting design, overall window decoration design, overall home appliance design, and supervise the implementation of the details during the construction process to complete the above Provide customized overall furniture service after design. The overall furniture customization includes not only simple wardrobes, bookcases, etc., but also all types of furniture including beds, combined decorative cabinets, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, cabinets, interior doors, and so on.
Mystery 4: No choice of service provider
Judging whether a company has the ability to provide real overall furniture services cannot be determined by just looking at the exhibition hall. Two main points must be grasped: one is to visit the actual effect that the company actually makes in a residential building, especially to observe whether the combination of function and beauty is reasonable and ingenious; the other is to work with designers who provide overall home design services Communicate face to face to determine whether the designer has the ability to complete the design.