Small apartment furniture placement

Small apartment furniture placement
1. Placement of small apartment furniture-clever use of dead space
For small-sized households, the use of space is more exquisite than general space design. In life, we will find that there will be dead spaces in small houses, so the first technique for placing small apartment furniture is to use dead spaces. Take the wardrobe that is indispensable in household appliances. Unless it is a custom-made wardrobe, the tallest wardrobe will have a certain distance from the ceiling, thus forming a dead space. At this time, you may wish to use some small storage tools, such as storage boxes, to put some seasonal items or things that are not needed for the time being, but remember to place them in an orderly and categorized manner for easy access in the future And looking. If possible, you can actually design a shelf on the wardrobe that is the same length and width as the wardrobe, which is beautiful and practical.
2. Placement of small apartment furniture-free up space
When you see this topic, everyone will think, the house is already small, and everything can’t fit, how can you make room? Don’t worry, in fact, in the process of placing small apartment furniture, for a small bedroom, we might as well try to place the bed, wardrobe, etc. along one wall, and put them together, so that it is relatively free for another One side of the space, so that the whole house will appear spacious because of a lot of white space; and this vacant area can also be used as a place for temporary placement of movable furniture or elastic contraction furniture for emergency needs.
3. Placement of small apartment furniture-skillfully use tools to increase space utilization
Generally, small-sized houses are the single-person apartment types in which one person lives, and there is no design of too many partitions. However, it is inevitable that sometimes friends will visit the house, and the bedroom is a very private space, so how can we prevent our private world from being directly exposed? Why not try this small apartment furniture placement technique brought by the editor, clever use of tools to increase the utilization rate of space, each of us can rationally arrange our own environment according to our daily habits, some markets at this moment The tools provided above can play a very powerful role, such as storage baskets, hooks, etc., they are small in size, so they can be placed in various places, but they must be set according to their needs, avoiding too many inappropriate The phenomenon appears.