Small apartment furniture selection

SOLO originally meant solo, solo, and solo. Here, it refers to the ultra-small apartment, the main defining elements are: each building area is about 35 square meters, there is no obvious division between the bedroom and the living room, the integrated bathroom, and the open environmentally friendly and energy-saving integrated kitchen.
Small apartment furniture selection
1. Small furniture is the first choice
Small furniture should be the first choice for small apartments. Small furniture occupies less use area than ordinary furniture, which makes it feel larger. Among them, it is important to choose a set of low-profile sofas. The low armrests and streamlined shape of this sofa make the space more smooth in the living room. Coupled with a small round table and a mini TV cabinet, the space feels a lot of extension.
2. Simple space with light furniture
In terms of texture, try to choose light furniture, such as glass, rattan, wood, etc. In particular, glass is very penetrating and has a cool feeling. The furniture made entirely of glass allows the sight to be extended infinitely, even if the tall cabinets are not depressed in the space, they also have the effect of expanding the space.
3. Consider Asian style
You can consider Asian style furniture, such as Chinese style and Japanese style. Most of these furniture are small, simple and simple in lines, which simplifies the lines of the space and makes the living room clean and tidy. European, American and other style furniture furnishings generally tend to develop vertically and broadly, while the oriental style emphasizes the practicality of the room, which is balanced and downward development, which reduces the height of the field of vision, which makes the space feel more open.
4. Functional furniture is king
Functional furniture is full of changes, and the appearance can be changed according to the needs of the space. Small-area rooms most need this kind of furniture that can change with space. Such as foldable dining tables, tables and chairs with wheels, etc. A foldable dining table is the first choice for small rooms. This kind of dining table is best to choose an arc-shaped table side. It is usually used as a small dining table and a workbench. When there are many guests, it can be lengthened and widened.