Small duplex staircase design

Small duplex staircase design 1. However, no matter what style of staircase is designed, the best material to choose is cement concrete, followed by steel structure, and finally the essence, because the stairs made of concrete materials are relatively quiet when we go up and down.
Small duplex staircase design 2. In the duplex building, the staircase serves as a passage connecting up and down. Therefore, when doing home decoration, the staircase decoration should also be carefully combined and used appropriately with the style of the whole room. The handrail design is the most important in the decoration of the staircase. It is related to whether the beauty of the entire staircase is consistent with the style of the entire room.
Small duplex staircase design 3. We can still choose to use the corner to place a decorative table. On the table, one or two vases can be placed. Spotlights are designed on the side of the stairs to make the space look more vibrant. Of course, the cabinet is not only used as a decoration here, but also has other functions, everyone should know.
Small duplex staircase design 4. The tread width of indoor stairs should not be less than 24 cm, generally 28 cm is the most comfortable. The height of the riser should not be higher than 20 cm, generally 18 cm is the most comfortable. Moreover, the width of each treadle and the height of the vertical slab should be the same, otherwise it is easy to make people fall, so that it can be better applied to the staircase decoration of the duplex building.
Small duplex staircase design 5. Nothing can stop us from making reasonable use of the small duplex staircase. The stairs can be designed as sofa cabinets or storage cabinets. Of course, we can also design them as exhibition cabinets. The orange-red walls and stairs are matched with white display cabinets to make the space look fresh and tasteful. We have seen this design, can we not like it?