Smart home design

Multiple product types and system incompatibility
Currently, there are hundreds of smart home products on the market, and each product from a different manufacturer has its own system and its own application. In order to cope with the different smart homes of these systems, some manufacturers have specially developed control centers for single products, such as Rovlv, Smarthings, and Staples Connect, but the problem is that there is still no single control device that can be compatible with all smart products.
For example, Smarthings does not have wifi, so in order to connect with other smart devices, a router must be installed. Like z-wave has its own independent standard, some products only have Bluetooth connection, and some have only wifi connection. Since product development is independent, the control center equipment is far from solving these fragmented problems.
And for security and technical standards reasons, many product manufacturers did not open the system to the control device, which made the control center difficult to operate. Staples stated that it does not support unencrypted devices.
A user tried to set up multiple smart devices, and suddenly all the devices failed. This user said that it was probably a program compatibility problem.
Perhaps in the future, the development of smart home products and system control will gradually achieve uniformity and standardization like a wide variety of computer brands and a relatively single operating system, but at present, smart home is still far away.
Immature technology is trivial and troublesome
Smart home is still in its infancy and the technology is relatively immature. Although it is artificial intelligence, these devices are far from convenient when compared to millions of users and their respective needs.
Although Revolv does a good job of sensing technology and is compatible with most devices, it cannot touch smart lights that are too far away. The control range is limited, so in order to satisfy the control center, the user must install the bulb closer. In addition, Revolv still cannot recognize multiple phones, which means that Nest will automatically shut down if its owner leaves but the family is still in the house.