Snack bar decoration requirements

Snack bar decoration refers to the decoration within the scope of the snack bar, including hydropower construction, wall, floor, ceiling, landscape, etc., a complete set of construction plans and design plans based on certain design concepts and aesthetic rules.
Snack bar decoration requirements
The most important thing for a snack bar is to be hygienic, so that customers have a comfortable dining environment.
The decoration requirements mainly include:
1. To design the kitchen area, the kitchen is based on a multi-burner gas stove, equipped with kitchen counters, vegetable sinks, grease traps, etc. In order to make full use of the space, three-dimensional cabinets, grids and other ideas should be considered. In principle, the kitchen area should occupy half of the entire store.
2. The guest dining area should be designed with the goal of simplicity, practicality, and large capacity. Space is limited, the application of glass can be properly considered, and the seat design should take into account the factor of seat change, which should be convenient for guests.
3. To design the door signs and logos, they must be clear and recognizable, chic and attractive, outdoor use, make people eye-catching and easy to remember.
4. The entrance of the store must be designed to give a good impression.
5. The decoration design should highlight a clean and hygienic atmosphere, but some lighting applications can also be considered.
6. Due to the cooking method, more steam, water mist and high humidity may be generated. Therefore, the decoration design should be targeted, and more moisture-proof materials such as tiles and glass can be used.
7. Don’t eat black colors. It is recommended to use warm colors such as white to attract the appetite of guests.