Snack bar decoration style

Snack bar decoration style
The orange-yellow decoration of the snack bar is regarded as a very bold color, but also a sign of vitality, a lively and inspiring color. In terms of use and tone, it is a more fancy color. Gray is a mixture of black and white. The use of gray tones depends on whether it is more white or black. Gray has no characteristics of its own and is easily integrated with the surrounding environment. Purple is an excessive color, which contains two opposite sides, because it is a mixture of active red and passive blue. Purple expresses the unrest and imbalance in the interior, and it is both mysterious and charming.
The snack bar should be decorated with simple and clean materials, such as lacquer, partial wood, metal, and use lamps as a foil. Sometimes the ceiling can be appropriately lowered to give people a sense of intimacy. Consider using some wear-resistant materials for waist-level position, such as choosing some wood decorations, glass, mirrors for partial wall protection, and can create a fresh and elegant atmosphere to increase the appetite of diners and give people a sense of spaciousness .
Choose materials with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces, such as marble, floor tiles, and floors. Partially use glass and have a light source underneath to create a romantic atmosphere and a sense of mystery.
Square table, round table, folding table, irregular shape, different table shapes give people different feelings. The square table feels regular, the round table feels close, the folding table feels flexible and convenient, and the irregular shape feels mysterious.
The shape of the lamp should not be complicated, but it should be bright enough. You can install convenient and practical up and down moving lamps; lower the position of the lamps; you can also use light-emitting holes, through soft light, not only to limit the space, but also to get a friendly specialty snack bar. You can place a favorite green plant in the corner. The vertical space is dotted with green plants.