Sofa cover/sofa towel

The sofa cover is the outer cover of the sofa, which refers to the items that cover the surface of the sofa. Generally, sofa covers are divided into two types: removable and non-removable. Generally, when ordering a sofa, the business will suggest to order an extra sofa cover for replacement. (Only the sofa that is fully removable and washable can be used as a jacket replacement)
Purchase sofa cover/sofa towel
1. Look: Check whether there are color differences and wrinkles on the surface of the cushion cover, and whether the pattern of the cushion cover is clear and even in color.
2. Touch: After reading it, you can touch the cushion cover with your hand to feel whether its texture is good and the thickness of the cushion cover is consistent.
3. Smell: This is very important. If the cushion cover has a peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high.
4. Wipe: You can cut a sample of the cushion cover and wipe the cushion cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.
How to choose the color of the product
The color is soft, generally light pink, light blue or light yellow, neat and easy to clean. The material is soft and hygroscopic, non-irritating
Product style judgment and selection
Elegant, warm, tidy, convenient, and easy to clean are the basic principles of decoration. The ingenious use of fabric can make guests feel the care and consideration of the owner from time to time in addition to a comfortable rest.
Cleaning the sofa cover/sofa towel
Maintenance of sofa cover
1. Nowadays, some velvet covers are used for fabric sofas. This kind of fabric cannot be wetted and must be dry-cleaned.
2. In order to prevent the sofa cover from deforming, it is best to start ironing from the reverse side of the sofa cover, or you can put the quick-drying sofa cover on the sofa first, and then dry it, so that you are not afraid of the sofa cover deformed after washing and cannot fit on the sofa. Up.
Cleaning the sofa cover
Considering the shrinkage and the wear of the sofa cover, if the sofa cover is only partially stained, it is not necessary to wash the entire sofa cover. You may wish to wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in water. In order not to leave marks, it is best to wipe from the outside of the stain.