Sofa refurbishment

Sofa refurbishment
How much does the sofa refurbishment cost?
Because the sofa leather replacement business is different, and their own requirements for leather are also different, if you want to change to leather, then the price must be high, which also includes the replacement of the sofa leather by the workers, and the size of the sofa is Very importantly, this directly determines the amount of leather replacement for the sofa, which is generally calculated in square meters, and there will be wasted leather in the middle, which also needs to be paid for. Therefore, the price of sofa replacement will not be too cheap.
Precautions for sofa renovation and leather replacement
As long as the leather sofa is used in the home, it is necessary to accept the fact that the sofa is replaced by leather. The precautions for sofa leather replacement have these aspects. It is very important to change the leather of the sofa. When choosing new leather, pay attention to whether the style of the sofa matches the style of the living room. Among them, we must pay attention to the color and taste of the overall living room. Don’t exchange it for nondescript, which is very ugly.
Some people are tired of the sofa leather they are using now, and want to change the leather of the sofa and change the visual environment. Then according to the overall situation of our living room, we can make requirements for the sofa to change the leather. When choosing a sofa for leather replacement, we must pay attention to the style and color of the ceiling, doors and windows, and the floor of the living room. We need to match the color style of the sofa with the entire living room well, so as not to be indecent. feel.
When changing the leather of the sofa, in general, square, dark, line, plain, floral and other leather have their own characteristics, which are all classic styles. If our living room is a relatively small and exquisite small apartment living room, and the overall color of the living room is relatively simple, then we need to choose the same object for the sofa replacement, and we can choose a small and fresh leather to replace the sofa with a new one. Clothes give the owner a different kind of feeling and enjoyment.