Solid wood set door installation

How about a solid wood set door?
Solid wood set door is taken from the forest of natural wood as a door core, after drying treatment, and then by the material, cutting, opening, eye-opening, high-speed milling and other processes scientific processing. Solid wood set door selection is mostly expensive wood, such as cherry wood, walnut wood, teak, etc. , after processing the finished door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks and thermal insulation and so on. It is precisely because the solid wood set door and solid wood door is the same as the use of some high-grade wood so in the price is much more expensive than the steel set door, at the same time, the solid wood set door because of its good sound absorption, and effectively played a role in soundproofing.
The characteristics of solid wood set door: most of the wood color, concentrated in orange as the center of the mild warm color, wood’s main chemical component of the wood, one of the strong absorption of ultraviolet light, wood exterior tissue of the subtle bumps, can make light scattering, reduce eye tiredness and damage. Wood soft and hard moderate, warm touch, as well as good acoustic performance and temperature adjustment, humidification and other functions, and wood processing is easy. All kinds of advantages, so that wood has become the most human wood door information, even in the rapid development of science and technology, new information emerges endlessly today, people still love the solid wood set door.
Solid wood set door installation.
First, the door frame installation method:
30MM thick door frame can be suitable for the width of 120MM, 150MM, 180MM, 210MM, 240MM and other walls, to meet most of the decoration requirements.
1, open the overall door line of the box, check all kinds of components: 1 823±1MM long top frame, 2 treaty 2.1 meters long side frame, door sleeve line, front door frame line, back door frame line, mute bar, door line, fixed iron, expansion screws, wood screws and so on.
2, at one end of the two side frames have been processed 9×18MM fixed steps, and drilled two small holes to facilitate the fixation of wood screws; Make sure to lock the top and side frames with wooden screws after alignment.
3, placed a temporary fixed wood square below, for auxiliary correction, so that the door frame roughly into a vertical square. The door frame is installed.
Second, the door hole installation method:
1, the combination of the door frame into the entry hole, adjust the sides and the top gap, with wooden wedges to level and pad the door frame.
2, such as the use of expansion screw installation with impact drill on the side frame of the expansion screw hole in the wall drilling, installed expansion screws and locking;
3. Fill the gap between the wall and the door frame with sfift or cement slurry.
4. After the stylus or cement slurry has dried, remove the temporary fixed wood and saw off the excess protruding wood wedges.
5, with almive glue to the front door frame line, the back door frame wire pasted to the door frame. At the angle of the corner, the width direction should be cut 45 degrees angle, the front door frame line is 70MM, the back door frame line is 100MM, 150MM, 250MM and other specifications.
6, with a million glue to paste the door sleeve line and insert into the door frame on the unique 3MM width 30MM deep groove, according to the width of different walls to adjust the insertion depth. The angle at the joint angle when combining needs to be cut at a width angle of 45 degrees.
7, directly with a nail gun to nail the door line to the door frame line, fixed, and then press the entry line buckle and mute bar. The fixed door line just presses the seams of the front and rear door frame lines. At the junction angle of the combination, a 45-degree angle should be cut in the width direction.