Solid wood sofa price

Solid wood sofa price
Solid wood sofa price details
1. Beech and Fraxinus mandshurica are relatively common solid wood sofa materials, and their prices are not very high. Generally speaking, the price of cheap modular sofas is around 3000, but the brand furniture industry is thousands or even tens of thousands. yuan.
2. Oak is also a relatively common furniture. Oak furniture is more common in China. Therefore, the price of oak sofas is similar to that of beech and ash, which is about three thousand. There are also cheaper ones, and of course there are more expensive ones. .
3. Begonia wood and camphor wood are the better materials for solid wood sofas. Generally, a good Begonia wood and camphor wood modular sofa will cost five thousand, and the price of a brand’s classical fabric sofa will go up to 10,000 yuan.
4. Mahogany is the most high-end furniture among solid wood sofas. The more common rosewood sofas in China will cost at least 8,000. Sofas such as Burmese rosewood and Lao rosewood will generally cost more than 10,000 yuan. Rosewood, The price of rosewood and mahogany sofas will be at least hundreds of thousands.
Choice of solid wood sofa
1. Observe the advantages and disadvantages of high-end solid wood sofas. Open the interior of the sofa and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and the texture is tight and delicate.
2. Observe whether the wood of the high-end solid wood sofa is defective. The main stress-bearing parts of the solid wood sofa, such as the columns and the load-bearing bars between the connecting columns and close to the ground, should not have large knots, cracks, or cracks. The structure is firm, the frame must not be loosened, tenon breaks and material breakage are not allowed. The Muyanmuyu high-end solid wood sofa is made of all logs without any auxiliary materials. This consumer can rest assured.
3. Observe the surface strength of high-grade solid wood sofa. It is emphasized that the board can be pressed with fingers to feel the fastness of the board. One side of the material should be fixed with a cross-shaped solid frame. If the frame is sparse, you will feel empty and unreal when you press the surface, and the panel will vibrate greatly; the paint film on the product surface is not allowed to wrinkle, stick or leak paint.
4. Consumers can also shake the high-end solid wood sofa a little to check whether the main structure is loose. If the frame of the sofa is loose, there will be sound when shaking.
5. In the final analysis, high-grade solid wood sofa is still a seat. Therefore, sitting comfortably is the most important thing. When buying a sofa, you must sit on it and experience it.