Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe
The solid wood wardrobe is made of wood from raw materials. In modern society, with the increasing quality of life, people have gradually begun to pursue a “green and environmentally friendly” home environment, and the same is true for furniture. Its “healthy and environmentally friendly” performance has gradually become the focus of attention.
Precautions for installation of solid wood wardrobe
Note one
First of all, we need to know the specific size, width, height, and depth of our customized wardrobe room, so that we can ask the designer to quote at the time according to this size to prevent falling into the price trap.
Note two
Then we have to consider the living habits of ourselves and our family members and the way we hope to store them, whether they are stored by season, by gender, or by individual.
Note three
Avoid waste. If you don’t have a lot of budget for your wardrobe, then forget about those personalized designs. A practical custom wardrobe is suitable. Those characteristic designs will only make you spend more budget.
Note four
Custom-made overall wardrobe styles, custom-made wardrobes also have many different styles, modern and simple, Mediterranean, pastoral, American country or Chinese classic. The style of a custom-made wardrobe is best matched with your own bedroom decoration style.
Note 5
Custom-made wardrobes must also pay attention to the relationship between the texture of the material and the force. Professional manufacturers choose environmentally friendly panels that meet the national testing standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior panels that have no test reports and pose a potential threat to human health. To buy a wardrobe, you should see whether the merchant has the board inspection report and relevant inspection certificate from the inspection department of the country’s powerful giant.
Note 6
Whether the function is complete; whether the function of the wardrobe can meet your own needs, whether the accessories are complete, and whether it can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions. At present, some wardrobe manufacturers have successively introduced practical and beautiful accessories, such as sliding mirrors, tie drawers, underwear drawers, pants racks, fashionable drawers, baskets, etc., actively advocating the “people-oriented” quality life concept.