Sound insulation glass window material selection

Sound insulation glass window material selection:
The glass materials of soundproof glass windows are divided into ordinary glass, insulating glass, multi-layer insulating glass and vacuum glass. Among these types of glass, vacuum glass has the best sound insulation effect, because vacuum glass separates two pieces of glass and evacuates the middle A vacuum layer is formed between the glass and the glass. The principle that sound cannot propagate in a vacuum is used for sound insulation, so no matter what kind of noise can not be transmitted into the house through glass; insulating glass can only isolate high-frequency or low-energy noise. For low-frequency or high-energy noise, the sound insulation effect is not very good; the sound insulation effect of multi-layer insulating glass is average, but the safety is high and it is not easy to break.
The choice of soundproof glass windows in home renovation should be determined according to the living environment. For high floors, such as 20 floors or more and no trains nearby, large trailers, etc., you can consider insulating glass or laminated glass; for low floors and near roads or viaducts, and nearby low-frequency noise sources, then consider using vacuum glass , So as to completely solve the noise problem.
Sound insulation glass window frame selection:
Considering the sound insulation effect, both aluminum alloy windows and plastic-steel windows are good. Aluminum alloy windows are easy to install and affordable, and are widely used. However, ordinary aluminum alloy windows are louder when pulled and conduct heat faster. After long-term use, the sealing performance will gradually decrease, which will affect the later use. The new broken bridge aluminum alloy window can make up for these shortcomings.
Choice of soundproof glass window tightness:
Tightness refers to the degree of sealing of the window, including the sealing between the glass and the frame. The sealing between the frame and the frame after the window is closed, and the sealing between the window and the wall after installation, together affect the sealing performance of the window. The sealing strip determines the degree of window sealing. At present, there are two main types of sealing strips on the market, one is wool sealing strips and the other is rubber sealing strips. Wool seals and rubber seals have their own shortcomings. Wool seals are easy to shed hair after a long time, which greatly reduces the sealing effect; while rubber seals are prone to hardening and aging after wind, sun and rain, which also reduces their sealing effect.
Quality selection of soundproof glass windows:
1. Look at the materials: including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, whether the color is consistent, and whether the hardware assembly is complete.
2. Look at the processing: high-quality aluminum alloy windows, with fine processing, smooth tangent, and consistent angles (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should be no obvious gaps in the splicing process, and the opening and closing is smooth.
3. Look at the glass: see if it is hollow glass and whether it has coating. The composite coating is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-gloss.
4. Look at the size: check if the window size is correct.