Southeast Asian style decoration features

1. Space design. It can be found from various decoration cases of Southeast Asian style that Southeast Asian style design pays much attention to the design of space. Due to religious belief and unique geographical location, the height of houses in Southeast Asia is higher. The high and higher floors are very suitable for Southeast Asian style. At the same time, in Southeast Asian-style design, split-level design is often used as a design technique with a sense of space. The split-level design can also show the breadth and layering of the overall space.
2. Rich color matching. In interior design, color matching plays a very important role in the formation of indoor space artistic conception. In order to conform to the interior design style, color also plays an important role. In general Southeast Asian-style designs, brighter colors are used to decorate the entire interior space, especially in the interior soft furnishings that can best reflect its rich colors. For example, putting some colorful pillows on the sofa, or putting some brightly colored decorative flowers on the dining table can show the rich colors of Southeast Asian style.
3. The choice of natural materials. In Southeast Asian style decoration, the furniture is mainly based on the color of the log, which has a natural and fresh texture in terms of visual experience. Most Southeast Asian-style furniture is made of a mixture of different materials, making every piece of furniture and crafts a handmade artwork. Secondly, rattan, seaweed, coconut shells, etc. can all be used to make furniture. Lamps, accessories, etc., these natural materials are full of rich flavor.
4. Embellishment of fabric ornaments. As mentioned above, the Southeast Asian style will use bright colors to match the natural atmosphere. In fact, many bright colors will be decorated with fabric. The best partner of Southeast Asian style is to use fabric to decorate and embellish the rich exotic style. This kind of dark color of the black color system changes its color under the light, revealing the nobleness in the calmness, and makes the overall indoor space matching easier.