Southeast Asian style design

Take natural materials, don’t make fresh noodles
Natural materials are the biggest feature of South Asian home furnishings. Due to its location in the rainy and fertile tropics, most of South Asian furniture is made locally, such as Indonesia’s rattan, Malaysian waterway, hyacinth, seaweed and other water plants, and Thai wood veneer and other pure natural materials, which exude strong Therefore, the natural flavor of the color is also mainly expressed in the original wood color tone of the original Fuji log, or mostly dark color such as brown.
Color matching is colorful and noble
An elegantly designed sofa bed, viewed from the side, the white mattress with dark round wood is like a crescent moon. The chic and exquisite black and white match makes the sofa bed add an elegant chair design to best reflect its Affected by the Ming style style: the design of the chair back and armrests is stretched and graceful, and the simple and round lines are smooth and vivid, just like flowing water. To think that Nanya furniture will interpret the luxurious and noble style.
Ecological jewelry, simple and simple
Most of them are made of pure natural rattan, bamboo, teak and handmade. For example, the bamboo frame photo frame business card holder with exposed bamboo joints, with a kind of unpretentious and authentic Thai flavor; the uneven teak photo frame does not have any Decorated, it seems that there are countless Zen machines hidden. These ecological accessories are eye-opening, such as small accessories made of coconut shells, fruits, bananas, and garlic. The color and texture have natural beauty that cannot be achieved by humans.
Fabric jewelry warm color embellishment
A variety of colorful fabric decorations are the best partner for Nanya furniture. Appropriate embellishment of fabric decorations can avoid the monotonous atmosphere of the furniture and make the atmosphere lively. In the selection of fabric tones, the iconic dazzling color series of South Asian style are mostly dark ones, which will change color in the light, and reveal a little extravagance in the calm. Of course, there are some very simple principles for matching. Dark furniture is suitable for bright colors. For example, bright red, tender, yellow, and blue. For light-colored furniture, you should choose light or contrasting colors. For example, beige can be matched with white or black. The kind is warm and the kind is jumping, and the matching effect is always equally outstanding.