Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian decoration style is a decoration style that combines tropical rainforest nature and ethnic characteristics. It has a strong ethnic customs and natural materials, and has a unique charm. Southeast Asia is a decoration style full of ethnic characteristics and exotic styles. It is unique in terms of furniture materials, color matching, and jewelry shapes. If you like the unique charm of Southeast Asia style, you may wish to change the soft outfit and create a different one for yourself. Home.
First of all, the most obvious feature of Southeast Asian style is to use natural materials. For example, in South Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia, pure natural materials such as Thai veneer exude a strong natural flavor. Therefore, the color and luster are also represented by the original Fuji log. The wood color is mainly tones, or mostly dark colors such as brown. In the visual experience, the natural materials of the earthy rustic logs are appropriately embellished with fabrics, so the selection of materials is naturally the most obvious feature of Southeast Asian style.
The second is the colorful and noble color matching. For example, a sofa bed with elegant design. Viewed from the side, the white mattress is matched with a dark log, like a crescent moon, chic and exquisite in black and white. The design of the armrest is stretched and graceful, and the simple and round lines are smooth and vivid. This is the most obvious difference between Southeast Asian style and European style and American style.
Thirdly, in terms of ecological jewelry, most of Southeast Asian-style jewelry embodies the simple and simple Zen. Most of them are made of pure natural rattan, bamboo and teak wood, such as bamboo frame photo frame business card holder with exposed bamboo joints. There is no decoration in the jagged teak photo frame, but it seems that there are countless Zen machines hidden. Of course, this is also related to the popularity of Buddhism in Southeast Asia.