Spring interior decoration

The interior decoration in spring is light and warm in April, and the atmosphere of spring is permeated everywhere outdoors. The freshness and vitality make people’s emotions high. Add a spring element to the home, let the home be infected with the fresh and irresistible spring breath.

Space storage for spring interior decoration

sky blue walls and matching blue bedding, coupled with simple wooden furniture, the overall style of the bedroom is cordial and soft and comfortable, which is conducive for people to devote themselves to sleep.

1. The bed is a large piece of furniture that has been fixed in the bedroom, so it is necessary to arrange other furniture settings with it as the center, and re-plan the layout of the bedroom.

2. In addition to large wardrobes and other storage furniture, you can also use small items such as suitcases and storage baskets to make full use of the space at the end of the bed or under the bed.

3. Surrounding the big bed in the bedroom, there are other functional facilities around it, and the utilization rate of the bedroom is increased by adding several pieces of multifunctional furniture.

Spring interior decoration 1. The living room adopts classic black and white tones, which condenses the elegant and restrained temperament of the space. Of course, if only black and white colors are unavoidable, it will inevitably appear dull, so in the fabric decorations such as sofa covers and pillows, patterns such as small black flowers and straight lines are used to enrich the level of the space and make the black and white smart.

2. Blue gives people a quiet and comfortable feeling, making people stay in it and forget the noise of the world. In this living room, different shades of blue are used, and blue and white porcelain patterns are also added, which adds a more charm to the space.

3. Pink sofas, bright yellow sofas, sofas with such bright colors are indeed rare. Coupled with pillows of small colored flowers, the whole space is full of youthful vigor. In the color matching of a space, the element colors are coordinated with the jumping colors. In this space, carpets, curtains, bookshelves, single chairs, etc. are all black and white basic colors, so the two color sofas are the finishing touch.