Stainless steel doors and windows production

1. Cut out the length and width of the stainless steel sheet according to the requirements of the door and window drawings;
2. Use a bending machine to perform bending processing according to the scale of the forming rules depicted in the drawings of stainless steel doors and windows;
3. According to the rules and requirements of the drawing, the door/window frame is welded to form; and the door/window surface needs to be filled with skeleton and honeycomb paper, usually using a gluing machine to glue the composite type;
4. When the door/window frame and door/window surface are all manufactured and formed, the installation personnel will then assemble the door/window frame and door/window surface into the basic shape of the door;
5. When the basic shapes of stainless steel doors and windows are all finished, install the glass, flower branches and some decorations required in the planning to the designated position of the door;
6. Finally, after the glass is gelled, the entire door is packaged with foam and cardboard.
After completing the above 6 steps, the entire manufacturing of stainless steel doors and windows is complete.
Maintenance method of stainless steel doors and windows
  Method 1. In order to keep the surface of stainless steel doors and windows smooth and clean, be careful not to hang heavy objects on the door leaf, so as not to scratch the surface of stainless steel doors and windows with sharp objects. When opening or closing the door leaf normally, be careful to switch gently.
  Method 2: In order to prevent the door lock from rusting, etc., do not open the door lock with wet hands. Do not use excessive force when opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle. If you find any traces of loose hinges, door locks, etc., tighten them immediately.
  Method 3: When wiping the glass, do not let the cleaning agent or water penetrate into the gap of the glass bead to avoid deformation of the bead. And be careful to wipe the glass to avoid scratching your hands.
  Method 4. If you find stains on the surface of the wooden door, wipe it with a soft cloth after moistening it with breath. Remember not to wipe with a hard cloth to avoid scratching the door surface. Do not rub the edges and corners of the wooden door frequently to avoid fading of the finishing materials at the edges and corners.