Stair design

Interior staircase design specifications:
1. The slope of the stairs. The indoor stairs are for people to use. The height of each floor is different. Some buildings will have a high height of each floor, and some buildings will have a normal height of each floor. At this time, the slope of the interior staircase design must be a certain degree. Generally speaking, the slope of the stairs is about 30 degrees. This angle is most in line with people’s habit of going up and down stairs. This angle also takes into account the relationship between the elderly and children.
2. The width and height of each step of the indoor stairs. The stairs are composed of one-step steps. Basically, the width and height of each step of the stairs are the same, so that people will not be caught off guard by a sudden change when walking the stairs. The width of each step is at least It adapts to the size of the sole of an adult. Therefore, when the width of each step is about 30 cm is the best, the height is about 18 cm.
3. The width specification of the entire staircase. The width should not be too large, too large a waste of space, and not too small. It will be inconvenient for people who are too small to go up and down the stairs. It will not have much impact if two people walking opposite to each other on the stairs are interlaced. The width of this staircase is the best when it is 90 cm.