Stair step size

Stair step size specification
The size of the steps should generally be adapted to the size of the human foot, and it is also related to the use functions in different types of buildings. The step size includes height and width. The ratio of step height to width is the gradient of the stairs. Steps can have different values ​​under the same slope, giving an appropriate range to make people feel comfortable when walking.
Practice has proved that comfortable steps when walking are generally smaller in height and larger in width. Therefore, when choosing the aspect ratio, it is better for the two sizes of the same slope to have the smaller height, because it will save effort when walking compared to the step with larger height and width. However, the width should not be too small, preferably not less than 240mm, so as to ensure that the center of gravity of the foot is near the center of the foot, and 90% of the heel is on the step. For adults, the minimum width of stair steps should be 240mm, and the comfortable width should be around 280-300mm.
National standard step size of stairs
The step height of the public stairs is 160-170mm. The cement base stairs in common homes are based on this standard, and the more comfortable height is about 160mm. According to the current situation of the finished stairs for homes sold in the market, the height is generally 170-210MM, and about 180MM is the most economical choice; the height and width of each step of the same staircase should be the same. , The size should not change irregularly to ensure a constant relationship between slope and stride.